On August 10, 2011, the High Fives Foundation opened the CR Johnson Healing Center in honor and memory of beloved friend, local hero, and professional skier, CR Johnson. The Healing Center has served our community; locals, High Fives Athletes, individuals who have life-changing injuries across the spectrum. These individuals have all benefited from the talented professionals who call this healing center home. This is a space open to everyone and everyone looking to heal. 

For NINE years, the CRJ Healing Center has been on the grind – helping all Athletes reach their goals, hit recovery milestones, and truly embrace a life of health and mindfulness. Now, as we enter a new decade, the CRJ Healing Center is embracing growth and change. Thus, A REINTRODUCTION OF THE CR JOHNSON HEALING CENTER!

Meet the Full Staff HERE

Each month, we will spotlight a portion of the CRJ Healing Center. We will bring to you our client’s stories, our practitioner’s passions, seasonal workout, and health tips, and most importantly, stories from those closest to CR who exemplified support your friends and sharing community.