High Fives athlete, Jeff Andrews working on resistance training after a C6 burst fracture

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The Workout

Each color represents the amount of opposing force that will be exerted into the spring when stretched. When comparing standard weights to springs, there are a few notable differences that effect a workout. Springs work as a two-fold resistance tool that can be used for challenge or support within many different exercises.  Spring resistance can change the muscular focus of an exercise depending on the direction of the resistance. When using standard weights during an exercise, the weight, or resistance remains constant throughout the workout and no matter the individual, lifting 50 pounds is the same weight resistance for everyone. Springs however work much differently than standard weights. The springs being used work as “tension/extension” springs. When stretched from it’s beginning position, the spring exerts an opposing force that is proportional to the distance that it has been stretched. This means as tension in the spring increases, so does it’s opposing force. When doing exercises and comparing these springs to standard weights, more force from the individual is required to overcome that opposing force. With springs, force is needed to start the motion, force is needed to stretch the spring, and force is needed to return the carriage back to it’s resting position. 

The Athlete


Jeff Andrews suffered a C6 burst fracture with associated spinal cord injury and transverse process fractures at the L1, L2, and L3 levels, resulting in quadriplegia at the C5/6 level in a snowboarding accident that occurred at Sugar Bowl Resort in Norden, CA on March 15, 2014. Jeff’s goal is to become as independent as his condition will permit and return to the most active lifestyle possible. Jeff is currently adjusting to the adversity with an infectious smile and positive attitude.

Participating in these exercises will help me gain strength and better my posture which will help strengthen my back. This will ultimately help me on my surf board and be a better rugby player.

Jeff Andrews

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The Webisodes

The CR Johnson Healing Center is a program service of the High Fives Foundation. The High Fives Foundation provides resources and inspiration to individuals who have suffered life-altering injuries. We want to highlight these individuals inspirational recoveries by filming their workouts in the CR Johnson Healing Center. Our goal is to create an inclusive community that allows others to be inspired. Through these webisodes, others will be able to view the workouts of individuals with life-altering injuries and replicate the exercises at home if wanted.

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